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Kit: SP W-50-3 Ballast Gondola (modified)


$35: Kit #102: modified, hopper doors up. Buy.
$35: Kit #103: modified, hopper doors closed.

Southern Pacific's W-50-3 class “Hart Convertible” ballast gondolas are eye-catching models that were very useful for maintenance of way (MOW) crews. Movable doors and bulkheads reconfigure the car for different uses. With the hopper doors up, the cars could dump ballast between the tracks. With the hopper doors down and bulkheads added in each end, the cars could be used like gondolas to carry ties or supplies. With the car ends removed, the cars could haul (and unload) rail.

Southern Pacific's 500 W-50-3 cars were built in 1910 and 1911 by American Car and Foundry using a design from the Rodgers Ballast Car Company.

In 1926, the Southern Pacific began to rebuild these cars, removing side dump doors and adding solid side sheathing in their place. These modified cars lasted into the 1950’s. The modernized car still includes the iconic large truss under the cars, and operating machinery for the under-car doors. These cars are appropriate for model railroads set in the 1920’s through the 1950’s.

These models of the modernized W-50-3 cars are 3d printed in a single piece body. Minor assembly, grab irons, end steps, brake gear, and painting are left to you. Cars come in two configurations: with the hopper doors in the floor of the car open for dumping ballast between the tracks, or with the hopper doors closed so the car can be used as a gondola.

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W-50-3 ballast gondolas as originally built.

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